Happy Customers!

"The Tres Leches cake from Cake Studio is hands down the best I've ever had. The cake is moist, the milk-soaked layers are perfectly balanced, and the whipped cream topping is light and airy. It's like a slice of heaven!"

Smiling woman enjoying her time at Cake Studio
Maria S
Tres Leches Cake

"One bite of the Conchas from Cake Studio and I was transported back to my childhood in Mexico. The sweet bread has the perfect crumbly texture, and the flavors are absolutely authentic. It's like a taste of home."

Young woman with a satisfied smile
Luisa M
Mexican Pastries

"The Mexican Wedding Cookies at Cake Studio are pure bliss. They are perfectly buttery, crumbly, and covered in a generous dusting of powdered sugar. They melt in your mouth and are irresistible!"

Woman with a happy expression in a bakery
Ann V
Wedding Cake

"The moment I entered Cake Studio, I felt like I was transported to a bakery in Mexico. The ambiance is simply enchanting, and the staff is incredibly welcoming. I could spend hours admiring the beautifully decorated cakes and pastries."

Happy customer enjoying a slice of birthday cake at Cake Studio Mexican Bakery
Lola R
Custom Cakes

"Cake Studio is my go-to bakery whenever I'm in Poulsbo. The staff is incredibly friendly, and their pastries are always fresh and delicious. It's the perfect place to satisfy my sweet cravings!"

Content young woman smiling at Cake Studio Mexican Bakery
Cheryl W
Mexican Pastries

"I had the pleasure of ordering a custom cake for my daughter's birthday from Cake Studio, and it exceeded all my expectations. Not only was it beautifully decorated, but the taste was simply divine. Thank you, Cake Studio, for making my daughter's birthday extra special!"

Portrait of a happy woman with a bright smile at Cake Studio Mexican Bakery
Brenda C
Birthday Cake

"A month late on the review here, but Lily, Luis, and Jesus were very friendly and did amazing with the Alice in Wonderland birthday cake! I only provided them with some pictures from Google and they executed it to perfection. They also have great sweets and treats on a daily basis!"

Young woman enjoying a cupcake at Cake Studio Mexican Bakery
Bayu P
Birthday Cake

"Whenever I visit Poulsbo, I make sure to stop by Cake Studio for their amazing tres leches cakes. The flavors are rich and authentic, and I always leave with a smile on my face. I can't recommend this bakery enough!"

Family sharing pastries at Cake Studio Mexican Bakery in Poulsbo
Joyce G
Tres Leches Cake